Hi there, we are Melinda and Charlene and are identical twins. Life has individually brought us some battle wounds and each scar has a story. This blog is a space for stories to be shared about life before, during, and after the scars. But first, let me (Melinda) tell you a little about myself and Charlene will do the same next. My husband and I have been married for over 20 years and have three kids together. I came up with this idea a little over 10 years ago and have thought about it many times since then. My idea was to publish a book that had pictures of people’s scars and written below the stories about them. I envisioned the images in black and white and in a studio setting. The lack of studio has been what held me back. I did photography full time for several years, but always as an outdoor photographer. My sister and I revisited this idea again and wanted to do a blog which lead us here. We decided to not wait for the perfect “photo opportunity” and just go for it. If you have a physical or emotional scar that has changed your life and want to share your story we would love to be a part of that!

Us as tiny, cute, adorable, chubby, babies.
“Hey guess what?” “You’re my best friend…forever and ever”

Hey there, it’s me, Charlene, the older twin. I am one minute older so if you have any questions just ask me, the older and wiser twin – unless it is how to spell something – you can head right on over to Melinda for that question.

Like Melinda, I have been married to my husband for over 20 years. We both got married in 1997 #twins . I have 5 super obedient kids who love to brush my hair and do all their chores without being told. As I write this my youngest is reading this over my shoulder. She laughs and says “That’s not even close”

Anyway years ago, when Melinda was first thinking about this project, I wrote a poem about Scars. We could both visualize the finished project but never got around to doing it. 2019 is the year that it changes. I have learned that most people don’t mind talking about their scars. They would rather questions be asked instead of just the awkward stare. When I was having trouble with the muscles in my face because of Multiple Sclerosis I wanted to wear a sign that said what was wrong. I didn’t want someone to see me from afar and and make up their own story. When I was dealing with terrible Rosacea on my face I was so embarrassed and wanted to start off all conversations with an explanation. For whatever reason scars can carry shame and embarrassment. They can carry anger and sadness with them too. Some scars are not seen with the naked eye, but still hurt just as much. I want this blog to tell the stories, the ones that no one sees or the ones that everyone sees and make up their own versions of the truth. This is about living with the scars.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I used to hate when people, mostly strangers would say, what happened to your neck? A car accident? Now I love it! Why? I get to share how God literally brought me back from the dead when I was 27! When you read my scars story you will read that at times my organs shut down during my pancreatitis. Pretty much this is what happens when the body is dying. My scars are a visible opportunity for me to share Christ!

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  2. My step-daughters are identical twins, and will be 30 this year. They live in the same small town, just a few streets away from each other. One has a 4 year-old, the other no children yet. They have always argued, and always made up again. They are inseparable, and their twin bond cannot be broken by any people, or events in their lives.
    Thanks for following my blog, which is appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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