When I was 9 I started having issues with my foot. I had one surgery to correct the problem, but that did not work. I had 3 additional surgeries which resulted in my ankle being fused. They finally found out I had a tumor on my spine which resulted in another surgery for a total of 5. The fusion caused me to be unable to bend my foot or run which meant I couldn’t play any sports growing up. I tried to join the Navy like my father, but was denied because of the permanent damage. I will always walk with a limp. As an adult I got into kayaking which used my upper body so my leg was not a problem. I am now a raft guide on the river during the summers! In the rafting picture above you can see my appendix scar. This surgery, which saved my life, resulted in over a week stay in the ICU. I had been in pain all day, but didn’t know the cause. My doctor said it was in the process of rupturing during the surgery. I have so many memories that involve surgeries and hospital stays.

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