Though these scars have drastically faded over the years, the stories are still etched in my mind. I have two scars in the same spot, over lapping each other. The first one was in elementary school. Melinda and I rode the bus to school and had plenty of time to play on the playground before school started. We used to race all the boys and I should add…we won…it was awesome. Being in the 3rd and 4th grade and beating all the boys in races meant we were always challenged to racing. This one time, instead of it being in the grassy field, it was on the tennis court. The boy challenged me to race his sister. The whole idea was not the smartest one because everyone was on the tennis courts and we had to dodge human bullets to even finish the race. Round one resulted in my falling and skinning my left wrist. We stopped, I may have cried but I don’t remember.

Seriously, I don’t remember. It was about 34 years ago.

Ugh, that sentence alone just made me feel like a granny.

Moving along, the next day or so we decided to do a re-match. Same time, same location, only this time she fell. I PROMISE I DID NOT PUSH HER. She went down hard and freaking broke her arm. Her brother was furious. Needless to say a re-match for that did not happen. I had the scar for years only to replace it with scar number two.

The year was 2006 and I was 3.5 mths pregnant with twins. I had my other three kids in the back seat of our Volvo, a car our friend gave us. I am pretty sure that volvo played a huge part in saving our lives. It was Friday and we had just left our last day of VBS at our church Bethel World Outreach Center. I was at the red light on Old Hickory Blvd, right by the starbucks when in my review mirror I see a van coming up fast. I thought, they will slow down, and so I looked down at my lap.

The van did not stop. It ran right into the back of us causing us to slam in to the back of one of the large moving trucks. Ya know the ones, smaller than a semi but bigger than a U-haul. The front and back end of the volvo got crushed and the airbag went off. The burns on my wrist caused scar number 2. The kids were crying and Caleb was bleeding. I tried to find my phone but it had fallen down on the floor board. Traffic was starting to pile up and what I love about this story is that I was surrounded by friends. Like I said, VBS had just let out, so many of the people in traffic with me were my friends. My driver side door was jammed so I had to crawl out of the passenger side door. Once we were out someone let me use their phone to call Jerry. 911 was already called and now my husband needed to know. He answered the un-known number and I told him I was in a wreck and that Caleb was bleeding. Amazingly he was also down the road at Bethel. He got in his car and attempted to drive to us but traffic was at a dead stop so he could only go so far. He got out of his car and ran the rest of the way to us. To this day, 11 years later, I still get emotional when I think about what he was going through to get to us. Our friend Sharee Katina pulled off into a parking lot and allowed my babies to be with her while I went to the hospital. Caleb was fine and if I remember correctly, he had bit his tongue which caused the bleeding.

The ambulance came and strapped me down to the bed. Fact: that is the most uncomfortable ride to ever exist. I get to the hospital and both Caden and his twin are doing well and after some care to my hand and watching the babies I was released to go home.

Caden’s twin, Aiden, died 2 weeks later.

Caden is baby B. Aiden was baby A.

I had complications with the previous preg, delivering Rena at 21 weeks but that is another post for another time. The loss was because of some blood clotting issues. During this hospital visit they saw I had partial Placenta previa and need to wait before starting the blood thinners. But, we waited to long. I am very thankful that I got to see Aiden in the ultrasound one last time and can only imagine what would have happened had I started the blood thinners to soon and lost both babies. Now days when I look at the scar I love remembering how God was in the mist of all this. When I was approaching the red light I moved from my lane into the lane with the big truck. I NEVER get behind big trucks. They are slow and I do not drive slow….er than I need to. But, on this day I moved behind the truck. On this day I was driving the extremely well made Volvo. Within a couple of days after the wreck I realized how thankful I was to have moved behind the truck. I know this sounds crazy because it is the very reason I was involved in the wreck…moving behind the truck. Here is the thing that I believe, if I had not gotten behind that truck and in front of the moving van, there would have been nothing to buffer that teenager driving that van from going straight into the back of this huge truck. My car was so well made that even though the front and back of the car were totaled, we were safe in the middle of the car. No damage to us other the side effects of Caleb biting his tongue and the air bag burning my hand. I 100% believe that the boy would have had serve damage if we had not been the buffer. I felt so sorry for the boy because I know he was so confused about what happened and crashing into a family. I prayed for him often to heal and forgive himself and to know that we were totally ok and thankful to be there.

So yes, the scars have mostly faded but the memories they still bring are as if it happened yesterday.

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